Dolphin Power Cleaning pressure cleaning reduces the hassle and burden of cleaning tough stains and improves the presentation of residences, government offices and commercial premises.

We have the experience and commercial equipment for high-pressure cleaning and removing large area stains as well as cleaning dirty and greasy areas.

Surfaces that are high-pressured cleaned include pavers, driveways, strata units, garage floors, carparks, shopping centres, malls, business premises, government offices, restaurants & cafes, hotels & clubs, outdoor furniture, factories and industries.

Our unique benefits of the Dolphin High Pressure Cleaning include:

  • Clean a variety of surfaces
  • Get into those hard-to-reach nooks & crannies
  • Clean marks & stains from dust, mould, debris, oil, grease & rust
  • Prevent costly surface repairs
  • Increase the asset value of premises
  • Minimise accidents from slipping or falling on greasy paths, driveways & business premises
  • Improve presentation & image of business premises & homes for sale
  • Provide a 48-hour turnaround

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Power washing, also referred to as pressure washing, offers a multitude of benefits for both residential and business properties. When searching for "power washing near me," individuals can discover professional pressure washing services offered by Dolphin Power Cleaning. This renowned company specialises in power washing services near me, encompassing various aspects like house washing, roof washing, driveway, paving and exterior house cleaning.

Dolphin Power Cleaning stands out among power washing companies near me, providing top-notch expertise and exceptional results. Their services extend to soft wash roof cleaning, ensuring that roofs remain free from mould and debris, thus prolonging their lifespan and saving you money in roof replacements.

The Dolphin Power Cleaning competitive prices are a great investment considering the remarkable improvements in curb appeal and property value. Beyond residential properties, Dolphin Power Cleaning caters to businesses, helping them create a pristine and inviting environment for customers.

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